New York and Florida both handle extreme weather but border the Atlantic Ocean. So, a few people call both states their home. During the Chilly winter months in the Northeast, lots of New Yorkers turn snowbirds and fly to Florida. When November rolls, they fly from subzero temperature to the sunny Daytona beaches.

There are many snowbird auto transport companies available. Nevertheless, the New York auto transport services by Ship A Car, Inc. are popular among the snowbird community. There are several reasons why to use SAC for the seasonal move.

  • Saves time – Getting from one end of the country to another takes days, so why waste time driving. You can get your car shipped to the getaway. In this way, your travel plans don’t get delayed and relaxation starts instantly.
  • Saves car depreciation – Long-distance winter driving can be challenging. Hiring an enclosed carrier ensures that the car gets protected from road and weather elements. Besides, there is no accumulation of miles along with wear and tear.
  • No need to rent a car – Why rent a car, when you can have your car transported. Enjoy sightseeing and exploring from the comfort of your four-wheels.

Why do snowbirds rely on reliable auto shipping companies?

Snowbirds depend on professionals for car transport to Florida every year and back home to New York because –

  • Their staff is experienced. From dispatchers to drivers, everyone is trained to offer personalized customer service. Reputable transport professionals prioritize transporting every customer’s car safely.
  • The auto shipping process is simple right from requesting a quotation to planning the logistics. Use a quote calculator on their website and get car shipping quotes instantly. There is no need to share personal information.
  • For extra convenience, an experienced auto shipping company offers flexible shipping options based on your budget and a specific timeline.

Different options to consider

  • Open carrier – Customers generally choose an open auto transport method. It means the car is shipped via open carrier along with several other cars. Because of the carrier layout, the vehicles are exposed to flying road elements and weather. Besides, there can be delays because the driver has to drop several vehicles on the way.
  • Enclosed carrier – Enclosed trucks offer extra protection from weather elements and theft. As the carrier is enclosed it can deliver 2 to 3 vehicles only. With all the pros there is a drawback of the cost. It is significantly high, so choose this option for exotic, luxury, or high-end cars.
  • Door-to-door service You don’t have to drive the car to the nearest highway or terminal for pick up. The truck driver visits your doorstep directly to pick up the car and deliver it to the mentioned destination.
  • Terminal-to-terminal – It is a cheap option because you have to leave the car at the closest terminal from where the carrier driver will pick it up. They will deliver it to the closest terminal to your destination and you will take charge from there.

The factors that the quote calculator counts include size, distance, transport type, car condition, and routes. Snowbirds need to book in advance and prepare their car for shipping!